Happy New Year

Just before the beginning of the year I was all set for a year of zero waste. As the 1st of January loomed closer I felt overwhelmed by the challenge I had set for myself. Now that I am 2 weeks into the year I have decided that zero waste is going to be something I am striving towards. I was feeling guilty for not being perfect and I wasn’t appreciating the changes I had made so far.

The changes I have made in 2017:


  • Only buying package-free fruit and vegetables
  • Rice, quinoa, lentils, chickpeas, popcorn kernel in bulk
  • only using soap in the bathroom
  • white vinegar, baking soda and citrus fruits cleaning products
  • horse-chestnut washing machine liquid

I plan to make many more changes in 2018 and not to feel guilty about the changes I haven’t made just yet. I’m going to give regular updates of the practical changes I am making through this site and my Instagram account.